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Detailed and substantial

I really enjoy this pendant. I wear it as a reminder to pray for someone that I love that is very sick. I love the weight of it and the size of it as well as the detail. It spins and is inviting to touch.

I hope that it's ok that I am Catholic and I wear this. I don't mean any disrespect but the person I pray for is Jewish. The necklace reminds me to pray the Jewish prayer for the sick multiple times a day.

It is a very special piece of art.

I bought 2 copies ...thanks negative review!

I was just gonna buy one copy , but then I read the silly negative review so I bought 2 ! The negative reviewer should buy 2 copy's too, ya know for the next book burning on her Karen outlook calender. I have pride and respect for the subjects in this book!

Read It for Yourself

Just coming here to counteract the extremely negative review.
Human beings are incredibly fallible. No one is wholly good or wholly bad. The women written about in this book have numerous merits as well as deficiencies. Read about them for yourself to form your own opinion. This book is a good place to start.

Leavening extractor only lasts six months

It was great while it lasted. But the leavening extractors broke down after a few months of intense use. Luckily the company has a great warranty policy. They sent a mashgiach to my house to swing a special chicken around in the air over the device, which restored full functionality and made the price tag totally worth it.

Great Cultural Tool

My granddaughter is being raised as a baptized Catholic which is fine. Yet I wanted/want her to know her Jewish roots given to her by her father and her grandmother (me). I am a Rabbi and she goes to church. This book cut through all of that to teach my 8 year old grandchild what it means to be a Jew. It gave her, not just words, it gave her examples. Thank you.

They seem to like it...

While it is impossible to know what is in the mind of any cat or cats, the cats in my life seem to like this gift. They scratch it, they bat it around, they nip at it, and they engage with it. It is not clear whether or not the star of David decoration is a plus or a minus to the cats, because they don't seem to be especially observant in the religion-department. Of course, they are cats.

We love everything about this review. Glad you cats enjoy it!

Prayer for healing talisman

I purchased this Healing Prayer Wheel Necklace as a gift for a dear, dear friend who had just begun treatment for Cancer. When she received it she called and was overwhelmed by how perfect it was, and that she could have it with her during her treatments. I am hopeful that she finds comfort wearing it and that her treatment progresses well.

The holiday decor I never knew I was missing

Easy to set up, sturdy, looks great. My toddler insists on hugging it every time we get home. My dad thinks it's hilarious and my mom is trying very hard not to tell me what she thinks but her poker face is lousy. Giving us something else to argue about just makes it extra Jewish. It's perfect.

It’s cute but VERY HARD to read

The inside liquid is a dark blue, and Geezers like me have a hard time seeing through it to read the message.

Eight Nights of Delight Hanukkah Tasting Collection

Since finding out through a DNA test in 2018 that I am Jewish on my mother's side, I have enjoyed learning as much as possible about my Jewish background. However, since my Mother died when I was still a child, I don't know if she knew about her Jewish background or not. My children (one girl and two boys) tolerate my enthusiasm, but aren't interested in learning more about it themselves. However, I want my grandchildren to know that their Grandmother is proud to be Jewish and so I send them little Jewish gifts on special occasions and try to choose simple things that I know that they will enjoy. Last year, I bought the Jewish theatre props and told them to have fun with them and send me some pictures of themselves as they tried different poses. The grandchildren had lots of fun with them. This year, I sent something that the whole family could enjoy and enclosed a little note, telling them that each night as I lit my next Hanukkah candle, I would think of them enjoying their candies and then reinserting the little box with the picture of the candle into the correct spot and it would make me feel close to them, knowing that they were 'celebrating' Hanukkah with me. They all participated and enjoyed the candies and the tradition of 'lighting the Hanukkah candles' each night. Thank you for all of the many products that are available to someone like me who wants to share her faith with her family, but doesn't want to make them feel that I am trying to 'convert' them to the Jewish faith. I have always had a heart for the Jewish people and have been an Abraham member of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for years now. Having read extensively, as well as studying online, I am appalled at some of the things that the Christians have been taught about the Jewish people and do my best to speak up when I come across any person who believes in the 'Replacement Theory' or is in any way displaying an attitude of Antisemitism, and have found that in most cases, people are eager to listen and to learn, so I am trying to be one little light who is trying her best to build bridges between Christians and Jews. Shalom to you and the wonderful products that you make available to do just this! - 'Leah' (my Jewish name, which I love)

Mi Sheberach prayer wheel

One of my favorite Jewish prayers. Beautifully made in necklace form.

Anti Zionist artist

Thought the piece looked cute until I looked up the artist social media. It was not cute.

Lasted the whole time

When I bought it I also ordered 16 AAA batteries, one set for each night. To my families amazement the one set of batteries lasted the full eight nights. Well, now I have extra batteries for future years.

absolutely loved this book! illustrations are beautiful and the bios are well written and engaging! great gift for feminists, girl-power ladies, and history buffs!


The Hebrew for Horseraddish is spelled incorrectly! The reish and the zayin need to be flipped! So don't buy this until Kate Spade fixes it!

Lovely, meaningful gift

I purchased three and intend to purchase more. They are a comforting gift for those facing medical problems as well as the people who love and pray for them.

Great product, not worth the price

At about $5 per box it would take 800 boxes (about 8,000 matzahs) to break even. I only got 4,539 matzahs before mine broke down. Yes, it's convenient to not have to go to the store especially if you live in a rural area, but, hey, that's what Amazon is for. It's a bit of a pain to clean too. My advice, keep your hard earned dollars and wait at least until the price drops to below $2000.

Hi Chaim- So sorry your Matzero broke down! It should last at least 40 years in the desert. We will send out one of our trained Matzero repair Rabbis out to you ASAP.

Target has these for $10

Target has these for $10

Can’t read

The words of wisdom do not show enough to be able to read.

Not my tribe

This would be a nice book, if it weren’t actually just a collection of women with hidden, or not so hidden, grotesques. It’s time we stopped kissing the ass and believing the PR of these same old people. I’ll list some examples;

RBG - “oh but she championed abortion!” Yes, and the Black community should hold her responsible for their staggering rate of abortion, it amounts to ethnic cleansing. Why didn’t she champion self respect, marriage, and useful sexual education instead?
Shall we talk about her membership of the ACLU, in the 70’s, when she gleefully campaigned to lower the age of consent, so that adults could legally have sex with children as young as 12? Is this healthy or normal in your mind? Her hype is vastly inflated above her decency and worth.

Sarah Silverman: literal racist in blackface, literal bigot against other religions, literal racist to anyone who isn’t Jewish. All provable, with photos and videos. Absolute garbage as a comedian. Crass, vulgar, she is a human fart joke. Is this who we want to represent us? Is this the best we can do?

Janet Yellen: oh bravo, working for the Federal Reserve, the one thing poisoning the USA/globe, above all else. Really good role model you found here.

This book needs about 80% of its pages replacing with someone more decent, try photos of farm animals?

This book needs 80% of the pages replacing.

Jewish Wisdom Ball
Jonathan S.

Not worth the money. you can barely read the display and most of the time you only see half of display

So so Beautiful

This Swarovski Star of David Woven Bracelet is more Beautiful than the Internet picture. It’s very well made too! I simply Love it! It’s a must have.


The Matzero was so easy to use that I had to buy one for each of my children. They live in rural areas where it's difficult to find Passover supplies and this fixes their problems! Also, my daughter is gluten-free, and the Matzero lets her take her favorite GF breads and make them kosher for Pesach! Thank you so much for this invention - it has truly changed our lives!!

So glad you are enjoying the Matzero! It really is a Pesach life-saver.

Love this!

Light weight and easy to wear. My only concern is that it’s advertised as sterling silver and there is no 925 stamp. I was reassured it is in fact sterling, but without the stamp it’s hard to be certain.

Love this bracelet!

I was buying this bracelet for my daughter-in-law for Chanukah and loved it so much that I bought another one for myself. We live in different cities so, it’s not a twin kind of thing. The only issue that wearers need to know: you need to be very gentle when pulling on or off long sleeved shirts. The clasp can release. I went nuts trying to find my “lost” bracelet only to find it (phew!) much later inside my sleeve when I changed clothes. Also, one of the blue stones fell out but it looks beautiful with or without it.