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    Target has these for $10

    Target has these for $10

    Naomi L.
    mixed review

    I bought these with the idea to separate the pair and use one as a necklace pendant, as it's not something I would wear as an earring. Part of the reason I like it is because the different colored crystals remind me of the choshen hamishpat.

    When I got the item, it was quite a bit larger than I expected, but that was my fault since the dimensions are in the product description. Still, it would have been nicer if the earrings were shown on a model because they are quite large for earrings. At any rate, the quality of materials and finishes was about as expected - I could see by the picture (and price) that it is definitely costume jewelry. However, I was disappointed that one of the gems fell off immediately upon opening the package. I was able to krazy glue it back in place, but now I'm afraid that other gems will likely fall out unnoticed while wearing it. I might take them all out and super glue them back in, but don’t appreciate paying for something I have to fix. Also I would appreciate if ModernTribe would put “made in” info on the item listing and the packaging.

    Nonetheless, I think it is cute to wear to enhance Hanukah joy and possibly be a conversation starter in my non-Jewish workplace. Overall, still glad I got it.

    Melissa Z.
    One earring broken right out of the package!

    The middle candlestick was broken right in half so there was no way to repair it. That is where the earring back was attached. I didn’t have time during the busy holiday season to deal with returning it. Very disappointed!

    Mimi B.
    Fun earings

    I loved my earrings, I received so many compliments on them.


    Got to wear them to 2 Hanukkah parties. People always commented and loved