Top 10 Cool Jewish Wedding Gifts

Jewish Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full effect! We love love here at ModernTribe and for any couple beginning a new Jewish life together, there are certainly essential items that make perfect Jewish wedding gifts. We've rounded up our Top 10 Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas - both the useful and the fun!

A gift card to ModernTribe in a lucky increment of 18 also makes a great gift! 18 is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word "chai" meaning "life"!

A beautiful, personalized Jewish wedding gift. The text reads: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." They will cherish this forever!

challah board
Gifts for Shabbat are the perfect traditional wedding present, and this modern yet classic wood challah board from Nambé brings a whimsical joyousness to your Shabbat table!

Marriage is all about compromise, but sometimes you want to throw your hands in the air and say Oy Vey! This pillow is perfect for the couple with a sense of humor.

For the couple that loves to host!  The pomegranate-shaped trivet is filled with blooming wildflowers of Israel. Pretty enough to keep on a table all year!

In silver or black, starting at $165. Shop the  Blooming Pomegranate Trivet by Melanie Dankowicz here!

kiddush cup kate spade
How stunning is this kiddish cup by Kate Sapde? A classic gift with a modern design and a funky green color.

Smashing the glass is a traditional part of a Jewish wedding ceremony, and we have lots of gift options for couples wanting to preserve the shards. But these handmade Joy Stember Shabbat candlesticks are one of our favorites, and an opportunity to create a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

Bless the couple with joy and happiness, love and friendship. A mezuzah blesses the home and this acrylic design is a sentimental gift that any Jewish couple will treasure.

3. Dove Shalom Panel by Emily Rosenfeld
For the minimalist couple! This Shalom panel wishes them a lifetime of peace. 

Hosting Jewish holidays is all part of starting a new life together. This travel menorah can come with you and is a fresh design that's designed and made in Israel.

And the number one cool Jewish gift is...Moon Path Shabbat Candlesticks by Israeli designer Laura Cowan! We love how these candlesticks can also be used as candy or nut dishes and are based on the movement of the moon. Kind of romantic, right?

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