Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Gay Pride + Jewish Pride

Jewish Gay Pride

Happy Pride Month! So you want to honor Pride + Jewish Pride all in one. But how? Here are our Top 5 Ways to Celebrate!

1. Make a Rainbow Challah

Rainbow Challah

Challah for equality! No need to wait until Shabbat to make a Rainbow Challah. And isn't this the perfect Challah Tray for your Rainbow Challah?

2. Wear a Rainbow Tallis

Rainbow Tallis

Could this Rainbow Tallis be any more amazing??

3. Donate to a Jewish LGBTQ Non-Profit

Donate to a LGBTQ non profit like Keshet that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish Life. 

4. Hang a Rainbow Mezuzah

Protect your home with an Israeli-made Rainbow Mezuzah!

5. Tell Time with a Hebrew Rainbow Clock

What time is it? Time for equality!


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