Jewish Wisdom Ball

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Say goodbye to crippling uncertainty forever! Simply ask the Jewish Wisdom Ball a yes or no question, shake, and turn over to reveal one of 20 answers imbued with the vast wisdom of our heritage. There's a good chance your question will be answered with a question, you may be made to feel guilty for having asked in the first place, and once in a while you could be told to put on a sweater. Answers include classics like:

* So now you need my help?
* Better you shouldn't ask
* Feh
* You call that a question?
* If that's what you want
* You should be so lucky!

We've taken 3,000 years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax, and captured it within a small, plastic toy. It's a great conversation starter, a handy conversation ender, it's cheaper than therapy, and is probably the most perfect present ever created.

The Jewish Wisdom Ball is 4" in diameter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Jamil S.
It’s cute but VERY HARD to read

The inside liquid is a dark blue, and Geezers like me have a hard time seeing through it to read the message.

Carol L.
Can’t read

The words of wisdom do not show enough to be able to read.

Jonathan S.

Not worth the money. you can barely read the display and most of the time you only see half of display

Jo A.G.
Great Novelty, Not Great Quality

My husband loved this as a gag gift, but it is cheaply made and contains too little fluid for the "answer" to appear without a lot of shaking. Overall, cute, but poor quality for the price.

Nice gift hard to read

Shipped to wrong address. After pleading I received a small discount on a future order