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    More about Emily Rosenfeld

    Emily started making her own jewelry in 1991 in Oakland, CA, running her business out of a Murphy bed closet. Now settled in Western Massachusetts, with a view of birch trees and a river she swims in during the summer, her studio is in a converted factory building filled with other artists. She feels continually inspired to develop new designs and play with new materials and techniques. 

    She is privileged and thankful to be part of the immensely supportive and loving community of craftspeople and crafts buyers. Making her work makes her very happy and she hopes owning it brings a measure of joy as well.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Detailed and substantial

    I really enjoy this pendant. I wear it as a reminder to pray for someone that I love that is very sick. I love the weight of it and the size of it as well as the detail. It spins and is inviting to touch.

    I hope that it's ok that I am Catholic and I wear this. I don't mean any disrespect but the person I pray for is Jewish. The necklace reminds me to pray the Jewish prayer for the sick multiple times a day.

    It is a very special piece of art.

    Karen G.
    Prayer for healing talisman

    I purchased this Healing Prayer Wheel Necklace as a gift for a dear, dear friend who had just begun treatment for Cancer. When she received it she called and was overwhelmed by how perfect it was, and that she could have it with her during her treatments. I am hopeful that she finds comfort wearing it and that her treatment progresses well.

    Traci s.
    Mi Sheberach prayer wheel

    One of my favorite Jewish prayers. Beautifully made in necklace form.

    Janice S.
    Lovely, meaningful gift

    I purchased three and intend to purchase more. They are a comforting gift for those facing medical problems as well as the people who love and pray for them.

    Shelley G.
    Healing prayer necklace, mah jongg purse & earrings

    Everything arrived in a short period of time. Looks like picture.