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    How to Build Your Jewish Wedding Registry

    Ready to start your Jewish Gift registry? Click here.

    So you're planning the Jewish wedding of your dreams. Mazel tov! It's never too early to put together your Jewish registry. It's one of the most fun parts (besides cake testing. Mmmm, cake.) 

    Jewish Wedding Registry

    But where do you start? First of all, don't browse alone. Bring your fiance and shop together! These should be gifts you both love. Also, think of the long-term. While you may still go over to your Aunt Rebecca's house for Passover Seder now, down the road you may want to host with your own children. Invest in gorgeous Judaica now that you'll have for years. Your guests want to get you something special that will remind you of them every time you use it. Now, what to get?

    Start with these essentials:

    Shabbat - we usher in the Jewish Sabbath by lighting candles and blessing the wine and challah. 

    apples and honey

    Rosh Hashanah - we dip apples in honey for a sweet New Year!

    Lasercut Vine Seder Plate in Black

    Passover - we commemorate the Jewish exodus from Egypt with a Seder (order) meal

    Hanukkah - we light the menorah and play dreidel to commemorate the miracle of the Maccabee's oil lasting 8 days

    Jew Steel Mezuzah

    Other Judaica

    Ready to start your Jewish registry? Start here.
    If you have any questions at all, message or call us!

    What Goes on a Seder Plate?

    What Goes on a Seder Plate?

    Passover (Pesach) commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. G-d "passed over" aka Pesach the Jews when imparting the 10 Plagues, including the last plague that convinced the Egyptians to let the Jews free, the death of the first born.

    The Israelites were in such a hurry to leave slavery (wouldn't you be?) that they didn't have time to let their bread rise, and that's why we have matzah! We host a seder meal, which means order, read the story of Passover from a Haggadah, and of course eat (and drink four glasses of wine!) 

    The central part of the seder is the seder plate, a traditional plate filled with symbolic ingredients. But what goes on a seder plate anyway?

    • Maror- a bitter herb, usually horseradish, symbolizing the bitterness of slavory
    • Hazeret- another bitter herb, usually romaine lettuce
    • Charoset- symbolizing the mortar the Israelites used to build the Egyptian pyramids
    • Beitzah- a hardboiled egg, symbolizing life and birth 
    • Karpas- a green leafy vegetable, symbolizing hope, usually parsley
    • Zeroa- shank bone, symbolizing sacrifice

    Shop Seder Plates here!

    Lego Seder Plate Giveaway!

    Passover is on the way, and there is chametz to clean and menus to prep, so here is your chance to win a fun gift! Our LEGO® SEDER PLATE is designed by a LEGO® expert, and fun for kids, or kids at heart. Check out our other seder plates and entire Passover collection too!

    To enter, just leave a comment on this blog sharing your favorite Passover Seder food. Then fill out the widget below saying you entered. USA entries only. Good luck!!

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