How to Host a Virtual Seder

One year of Zoom Seder would have been enough (dayenu!) but many people arehosting virtual Passover again! But how do you even host a virtual seder?

Virtual Seder 

Next year in Jerusalem! But this year, Passover will be at home for many again. 

Just because it's different, does not mean your Seder has to be less special. Passover is a time to remember what we have overcome in the past, and also appreciate what we do have. If you have food, shelter, and health, you are lucky.

We are planning on hosting a virtual Seder open to allClick here to RSVP. But if you're interested in hosting one for your family, what do you need? 

Pick your technology: FaceTime, Facebook, Zoom, and Skype are all options. Make sure it's something all your guests can use and prep the login ahead of time and make sure everyone can join. Feel free to invite neighbors you know are alone. Now is a time to include everyone!

seder plate

What you need for a Seder: Each household should have:

  • Wine (or grape juice) - four glasses per person (but we won't judge you for needing more)
  • Haggadahs: It is helpful if everyone is using the same Haggadah, but not necessary. Go over ahead of time who will say which portions. Pick a leader who can assign parts and email them to everyone ahead of time. They can cue participants when to read. Remember, the youngest adult can read the four questions too! Or just the one that acts the youngest.
  • Seder Plate: You'll need some sort of Seder Plate (can be a normal plate) and the following items on it: 
  1. Charoset
  2. Matzah (on the side)
  3. Bitter Herbs (horseradish or romaine)
  4. Roasted Bone (a chicken bone or even a beet will work)
  5. Hard-boiled egg
  6. Karpas (parsley or any other vegetable)
  7. Saltwater (on the side)
  • Shabbat/Festival Candles
  • Elijah Cup
  • Matzah and Afikomen Covers (can be a napkin)
  • Afikomen - think of a fun way to involve everyone in the search! One idea is the leader "hides" it by thinking of a spot. Then each participant gets to ask one question at a time to get a clue and gets one guess. For example, they may ask if it's under something, and then guess the bed. Or guess if it's in the living room and guess it's in between books. You can mail the winner a fun afikomen prize!

Matzah Ball Soup

  • Easy Passover RecipesHere are some easy recipes you can make. But remember, no pressure this year. Serve what you can and be grateful that you have food on the table. Many of these make great leftovers (hello matzah ball soup) or can be easily cut to smaller portions. Remember, a simple potato stuffed with broccoli and cheese also makes a perfect seder meal. No need to get fancy unless you want to. Another fun idea is to "cook" with your family via Facetime or Zoom. You can pick the same recipe and cook together!

Passover for kids

  • Involve the kids - If you have kids, involve them with fun Passover games and activities. They can even have their own kids seder plate help prepare the meal, dip their finger in juice for the 10 plagues, or reenact the story as a play.
  • Fun! Seder this year can still be as meaningful and fun as in past years. Add some fun to the seder and maybe some new traditions. Whether it's singing Dayenu! together, or incorporating fun traditions like wearing 10 plague headbands or wearing some coordinated Passover apparel! You can also do some Passover crafts such as each guest can make a place card for their place with their name written in chocolate on a piece of matzah. It then becomes dessert! Maybe the person who decorates theirs the best or wears the best outfit also wins a prize.


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    This is an excellent email… so informative for a non typical on-line Seder during such difficult times…. and surprisingly so since it’s from a company and not an organization!

    Linda Popick

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