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    Presenting: Liza Shtromberg's Handmade Hebrew Jewelry

    Moderntribe Jewish Gifts is proud to bring modern design to Jewish weddings with Liza Shtromberg's hand-stamped handmade Hebrew jewelry.

    Liza's Hebrew collection was born out of her longing for Israel, where she spent her formative years and which shaped the foundation for her beliefs and value system. Recently, she spent two years living in Israel with her Japanese husband and her daughter. Upon her return to Los Angeles, the Hebrew collection became an expression of Liza's connection to Israel and the Jewish community.

    The I Love... Personalized Hebrew Necklace may help a bride remain sane and a groom from going wild as their pendants engraved with each others Hebrew names serve as a reminder to the love that has brought them together. A perfect engagement gift, wearing the Jewish jewelry engraved with the spouse-to-be's name may keep the bride calm on her search for the perfect dress and serve as a gentle reminder to the man of the hour at his Vegas bachelor party.

    Also available from Liza is this stunning, sleek but organic looking, sterling silver Ani L'Dodi V'dodi Li ring in Hebrew: I Am My Beloved's, My Beloved Is Mine, the classic lover's line from the Song of Songs (the Song of Solomon).

    ModernTribe loves bringing you design-forward & Indie Modern designed Hebrew jewelry. Please make us your place for Judaica & Jewish gifts!

    Introducing Regina Allen on ModernTribe.com

    I want to introduce you to Regina Allen and her handmade, one of a kind, Judaic jewelry we are now selling on ModernTribe.

    Regina's first love is painting. She mixes textile and wallpaper patterns with vintage images of women and children from sources such as coloring books. The result is a juxtaposition of the ornate and the simple to create a modern vintage look.

    In Regina's own words:

    I want these works to be provocative and seductive, taking something decorative and beautiful on the surface and making it more complex and a little discomforting. As I make this work, I'm considering my own roles as mother, artist, homemaker, and wife and my struggle to balance these many faces in a society with little real support for families...I see women all around me struggling with the same issues, trying to keep their identities as sensual, thinking women, while nourishing their families and their careers. These are the pressures and restraints I'm considering as I make these images.

    Recently Regina has started to make jewelry, and like her paintings, they are a "collage." She combines new pieces with old, found, and vintage beads, chains, and charms to create one-of-a-kind pieces. These pieces are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to ModernTribe.com.

    Learn more about Regina Allen and see more of her paintings at ReginaAllen.com.

    Buy Regina Allen's Judaic jewelry at ModernTribe.com.