18 Ways to Show Your Jewish Pride

Jewish Pride
Maybe you have always been a proud chai-wearing Jew, or maybe this is a new revelation for you. Whatever the reason, you don't hide the fact that you are Jewish and want to wear it loud and proud. Here are 18 (chai) of our favorite ways to show your Jewish pride every day. 

Opal Star of David

One of our most popular items! This dainty star is perfect for every day for all ages.

Mother Daughter Star of David Necklaces

This adorable necklace set is perfect for two!

3 & 4. Nice Jewish Boy Socks (And Nice Jewish Girl Socks!)

Nice Jewish Girl Socks


We love this Star of David Pin- it's made in Israel!

6. Chai Pendant Necklace- many colors
Our Chai Pendants come in a ton of different colors! You'll find one perfect for you. See all Chai Jewelry here

Star of David Chai

Can't choose between a Star of David or Chai? Now you don't have to!

Men's Star of David Necklace

Something for the gents!

Prayer Wheel Necklace

One of our most popular gifts, this prayer wheel goes everywhere you do.

CHai Necklace

We love this subtle and sweet way to show your chai love.

A unisex design that is tough yet stunning. 

Chai Bracelet

Another beautiful piece by Emily Rosenfeld! This chai bracelet is chic and makes a great bat mitzvah present.

Star of David Earrings

Like a little bling with your pride? These earrings are it!

No explanation needed.

Warm and stylish!

For the nice Jewish guy in your life!

It works!

You're more than just a pretty face.

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Fun selections, some with a little chuckle.


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