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    A Modern-Twist on a Jewish Star for Your Table

    Greetings from the NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair) one of the biggest gift trade shows in the world. This is where I do much of my Judaica shopping for ModernTribe. All of the major Judaica manufacturers and reps come to this show. There is also a large number of Israeli artisans who come via the Israeli Export Coop.

    One of the most important aspects of my "job" is finding cool Jewish gifts and stuff that isn't marketed as being Judiac or Jewish. My best find in this department today is from Modern-Twist. They manufacture silicone placemats and coasters which can simply be wiped down and never require laundering or ironing (and the coolest ever wine stem tags). A bunch of this line we will be stocking for sale at

    Check out these designs -- perfect for your holidays and beautiful and subtle enough for every day.A set of four coasters will sell for $20. Placements are $17 each. Coming soon!

    When I Wish Upon a Jewish Star

    I found a thoughtful write up on Jewish graphic design from a designer named Rev Cruz. He entered a logo design contest we sponsored on Worth1000 to design ModernTribe's logo. We asked the contestants to reinvent the Star of David.

    Rev Cruz was one of many many (40+) submissions and it was one we really liked. We didn't end up choosing his design for our brandmark but we did purchase the design and will be using it somewhere -- I think it would look great on a t-shirt! What do you think?

    Here is Rev Cruz's post:
    Perelandran Chronicles: Logo Design: Center for Jewish Values and ModernTribe

    and here is his super design he writes he emulated from club music innovators Hed Kandi:

    Pointing Guns and Knocking Skulls

    Guns and skulls are hot. Through our 11 hour tromp through New York's Midtown neighborhoods, we saw these motifs over and over (e.g., 3Guns Vase by SuckUK). I soon found myself searching for skull tees.

    Grave motifs for a country supposedly obsessed with safety and peace. Maybe it's an expression of our unspoken desire to be carrying that gun.

    I wanted skulls for ModernTribe and was wondering... are there skull + star of David motifs? Yah. I hunted them down and you can find them here.