What is a Ketubah?


If you are getting married (mazel tov!) or going to a Jewish wedding, you may have come across a ketubah or marriage agreement. But what is a ketubah exactly?

Ketubah literally means "it is written". The ketubah dates back over 2,000 years and is a non-legally-binding document signed right before a Jewish wedding by the bride, groom and two witnesses and the officiant. While the original verbiage described the groom's financial responsibility for the bride, and protected the bride's rights, many modern couples choose to use updated language to reflect the love for each other and the promises and responsibilities they will keep for a lifetime. You can make the ketubah language totally you by using a language other than Hebrew or English, using language for same-sex couples, for interfaith couples, or other modern edits. It always includes the couple's names, the wedding date and the wedding location. 

The ketubah is often displayed and read allowed during the ceremony. After the wedding, most couples choose to display the heirloom in their home, so it is important to choose an artist and design that reflects your personal style. It is the first work of art you have as a married couple, so take the time to find one you love. A ketubah also makes a wonderful and meaningful Jewish wedding gift for the couple from a close family member or friend.

No matter the ketubah, it represents your love for one another and your future together, and it will be a treasured piece for years to come. We have many beautiful modern ketubahs that are customizable to totally reflect you as a couple.

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