How to Hide the Afikomen

Tips for how to hide the afikomen- and how to find it too!

how to hide the afikomen

Celebrating Passover means incorporating lots of traditions, from reading from the Haggadah to dipping your pinky in wine for the 10 plagues to all the symbols on the seder plate. 

But what about that afikomen?

On the seder table, there are three pieces of matzah. The middle one is broken in half, and half is hidden. This is the afikomen! We wrap it in an afikomen bag or napkin, and it symbolizes how our ancestors carried the matzah dough out of Egypt. It also symbolizes sacrifice, as its the last piece of matzah.

Searching for the afikomen

Typically an adult hides the afikomen and the kids go search for it. First to find it gets a prize! And glory. You can keep the searching to one room or part of the house to contain the excitement. Or give "warmer" and "colder" hints to help. Or make it really fun with some clues!

Where are some good hiding spaces? Comment below with your favorite spot!

  • Under a seat cushion or couch cushion
  • In between books
  • In a drawer
  • Right on the seder table!
  • In a plant or behind a picture frame
  • In the refrigerator
  • Taped under the table- that's our favorite!

Adults can have fun too! If you don't have kids at your seder, you can still search for the afikomen. It's fun! Maybe the winner gets a fifth glass of wine? ;)

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