Hanukkah Starts December 18th!
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    Lynn (.K.
    Jewish Penicillin Mug

    This mug is going to be a Hanukkah gift for my Jewish doctor. He has been such a help to me in so many ways, but especially by sharing his wisdom with me about Jewish things, since I found out that I am Jewish on my mother's side, back in 2018. I recently had a bad flu (not COVID, thankfully!) and I called my Jewish doctor to see if there was anything that he could prescribe for it to speed up the healing process. His answer to me was, "I can prescribe what I always prescribe to my patients who have a flu virus" ... No antibiotics - just chicken soup and lots of rest." Well, I guess that was good advice, because I am now over the flu and I think that he will get a kick out of this little thank-you gift. Toda for providing gifts that are not only 'just what you were looking for' as well as being top-notch as far as quality and reasonable prices. "Leah" :)

    Thank you for your kind review! Sounds like you found the perfect gift for a great doctor.

    Deborah W.
    the soup cups

    they were beautiful😃 looked just like the picture and my friend and his wife liked them A LOT!! I ordered and before I knew it they were deliverer!!! Thank you for getting them to me well before Hanukkah!!

    Valerie F.

    Disappointed that the soup mug was not dishwasher or microwe safe.

    Makes You Wish You Had a Cold!!!

    I purchased 2 of these soup mugs a while ago & then ordered 2 more. They are just fun. Great size and the colors are VIBRANT. They're much prettier than the picture. My friends get a good laugh out of them.

    Irene M.
    Excellent gift

    Love this soup mug! So creative!