Wood Tangram Hanukkah Menorah

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Made of mahogany wood with brass candle holders, the Tangram Hanukkah Menorah is playful and modular with modern geometric style.

Assemble the menorah in the shape of a camel, a cat, a boat, a dancer or a Samurai figure, or any geometric shape.

Tangram Hanukkah Menorah adds imagination and humor to the holiday of Hanukkah: design a new menorah for each one of the eight evenings of Hanukkah!

The menorah has 10 parts: The big square tray holds the nine candleholders, the little square part is taller and holds the shamash.


  • 1 big square tray: 8.8'' x 8.8'' x 1.4''h
  • 1 square candleholder (shamash): 2.6'' x 2.6'' x 1.2''h
  • 2 big triangle candleholders: 3.5'' x 7" x 1''h
  • 1 medium triangle candleholder: 2.7'' x 5.4 x 1''h
  • 4 small triangle candleholders: 1.9'' x 3.6'' x 1''h
  • 1 parallelogram: 1.8'' x 5.6'' x 1''h

** This product is handmade of natural material: slight differences may appear in each production.
** The actual tone of the wood may seem a bit different from the pictures, because of the differences in lighting and computer monitors.

Customer Reviews

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Miriam K.
Intriguing Menorah

I have been admiring this menorah for a while โ€” and finally bought it. The wood and brass combination is very attractive and itโ€™s fun how modular it is, giving many ways to re-arrange the format. Very happy with Modern Tribeโ€™s customer service.