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    Why Do We Break a Glass at Jewish Weddings?

    Break a Glass at Jewish Weddings
    Mazel tov!
    You may be familiar with the Jewish tradition of the groom breaking the glass at the end of a wedding ceremony. After he crushes it with his right foot, and the guests shout "Mazel tov!" ("Congratulations!")

    But why do we do this?

    • Some view it as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Even during this joyous occasion, we still mourn. 
    • Others say the fragility of the glass reminds us of the fragility of relationships. May your relationship not crack like the glass.
    • The loud glass smashing noise is said to scare away evil.
    • The breaking of the glass is symbolic of the couple's breaking with their past lives so that they can create a new family together.

    These days, it isn't just the groom breaking the glass. Often the brides will break their own, and the glass shards come together in a beautiful smash glass giftMake your own tradition.

    However you choose to break a glass on your wedding day, may it be the start to a long and fruitful marriage!



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