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    Why Do We Eat Pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah?

    Pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah
    You are probably familiar with apples and honey for a sweet Jewish New Year, but that's not the only food symbol on the Rosh Hashanah table. 

    Pomegranates are considered a new fruit- one that is back in season for the fall. They say a pomegranate has 613 arils (seeds) which is the same as the number of commandments in the Torah. (We haven't counted, but I trust this.) Pomegranates are also a symbol of fertility, another reference of new things to come, and are mentioned numerous times in the bible. May your blessings in the New Year be as numerous as the seeds of a pomegranate!

    Pomegranate items to help you celebrate:
    Pomegranate recipes:

    Happy New Year & New Stuff for 2008

    Hanukkah was an incredible whirl-wind for us at Thank you to all our customers, non-profit affiliates, artists, designers, and suppliers for a wonderful first Hanukkah.

    There is so much to look forward to for 2008.

    New Stuff
    We have new stainless steel and gold anodized jewelry coming from Polli Designs including the gorgeous Leaf Pendant Necklace for Tu B'shvat, the Jewish harvest celebration. Tu B'shvat is the Jewish New Year for Trees and has become for many an ecological celebration centered around preservation of trees and the Earth. Look for more tree-themed items coming soon.

    Pomegranates are one of the seven species traditionally eaten on Tu B'shvat. In honor, we are adding to our pomegranate collection these pom-red vases or candleholders in two sizes.

    Shahar Peleg's Chainlink Bottle Holder was a huge hit with gift-givers. We're adding some more Peleg designs soon including this Hotman pot holder (may be a perfect gift for your hot man).

    Jewish t-shirts that are cool but not kitsch. We are so excited about these...

    Of course we'll be stocking up with modern Passover wares so that your seder can be fit with the 21rst Century.

    Better Shipping Notification and Shipment Tracking

    We changed our shipping methods. For US shipment we now ground ship FedEx or UPS which allows tracking. When our warehouse ships your package, you receive an email with ship notification and tracking information.

    No Limit Texas Dreidel to be sold in stores near you Hanukkah 2008.
    We are selling NLTD wholesale to retailers and non-profit organizations for fundraising. If you know of a synagogue gift shop or a Jewish non-profit who may want to sell No Limit Texas Dreidel contact us and let us know!

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    We always want to hear from you -- dear customers -- so don't hesitate to call or email us.

    -- Jennie