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    New York International Gift Fair Finds - Day 1, 2012

    New Stuff Spotted at NYIGF today.

    Today I attended New York's Newest and NYIGF. I always love to visit the newbees. I'm looking for fresh products, of course. Often the items are debuted at the show, like the very cool new menorah I found. I also enjoy seeing how first-timers set up their booths. Some get it right and fit it perfectly. Others, not so much. No matter, the vendors are friendly and eager, and lovely to chat with!


    The designers I enjoyed chatting with most today were from Bottle Brooklyn. Tell me what you think of this: they've created a product called "DIY Souvenir Kit". I love DIY stuff for ModernTribe because, I like to imagine, my community are DIY kind of folks. This product is a glass tube with a piece of blank white canvas inside. The idea is that, instead of buying (or giving) a-little-something-by-which-to-remember, make it. One makes the souvenir by "dirtying up" the canvas.

    It's conceptual, maybe too much so for most buyers. My feedback to them was, "you need a video!" They're working on one.


    The next line is totally gutsy. It's called I Heart Guts and is a line of plush internal organs. Here's Large Liver and Heart on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    It doesn't fit with ModernTribe... but I do like them and think they'd sell well in a fun gift boutique. "Testicle" and "Ovary" may be cute gifts for the right occasion.

    I found colored fabric covered electrical cord for my friend Joel Silverman from NUD Collection. Yes, they will sell you only the cord and it comes in over a dozen colors.

    What do you think of these? I've been wanting to offer gloves for a Hanukkah gift and found these today. They are fingerless gloves made of soft cotton, comes in many colors on the inside fold, with black on the outside layer. They are reversible too. They sell for about $24 a pair.

    These would make a good addition to our Jewish Wedding Gift collection.