Human of Judaism's Hanukkah Gift Guide

Nikki Schreiber of the popular blog Humans of Judaism shares her Hanukkah Gift Guide!


You probably know Nikki from her super popular Instagram and website Humans of Judaism. Full of inspiring stories, funny memes, and useful Jewish knowledge. If you are not following her, you must!

Nikki Schreiber founded Humans of Judaism in 2014. During the year of mourning for the sudden loss of her father, Nikki wanted to do something meaningful in his memory. The idea was to create a positive social media environment that features the good within the Jewish community. Today, Humans of Judaism has become one of the leading Jewish media brands around the world, featuring upbeat, feel-good stories, profiling Jews from around the world. With close to half a million followers across all social media platforms, Humans of Judaism is widely held as the Jewish page to follow. 

We invited Nikki to pick out a few of her favorite Hanukkah gifts and just love what she picked! What would be on your gift guide?


Thinking Out of the Box Menorah

"I love this, so practical and cute. It’s great for someone who is traveling over Chanukah or just an extra set to have available for guests."


The 100 Most Jewish Foods

"I own this book, I have read through it and even just picked it up as a gift for a friend. The book is prominently displayed in my apartment and makes for a great conversation piece. It’s a fun, light read and pretty on point with its list. I am giving it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!"

Jewish Food

Kosher Dog Bone

"Okay, I need to get this for my dog! She currently only has a gelt chew toy for Chanukah, so a bagel is obviously the next step."


Stainless Steel Latke Server

"My mom has had this for many years. I love seasonal items that only come out once a year. When you see the latke spatula on the counter, you know what’s for dinner #yum!"


Dreidels and Menorah Tie

"I love festive details. There is a lot to be said when you show up to a Chanukah party wearing a fun shirt or tie or sweater. A tie seems like the perfect office party accent."



Donut Menorah

"I need this! The end."



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