Kid's Dippin’ Dabbers 10 Plagues Passover Coasters, Set of 10

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Our Kid’s Dippin’ Dabbers allow your little ones to dip and dab their way through the ten plagues in Hug-It-Out with ease. When honoring the ten plagues during your seder, dip your pinky finger into your grape juice, then dab a drop onto your coaster for each plague. 

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Printed in Canada
  • Disposable

More about The Haggadah Collective

Pearl Richman and her daughter Maxie - who are by no means Jewish scholars - are passionate and dedicated students of kindness, love, and inclusivity. With a plethora of mutual interests that include styling, design, writing, and advocacy, Pearl and Maxie set out to modernize the Passover Haggadah you’ve been using for decades by curating The Haggadah Collective. It is infused with a chic, contemporary aesthetic and is grounded in the ever important concepts of diversity, equality, and acceptance. With this inspiration in mind, The Haggadah Collective was curated in order
to reflect old traditions and create new ones.

Customer Reviews

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Stacy T.

The kids at the sedar really enjoyed these coasters. They were able to get their "wine" on something other than their plates. For people who do not like to have their food touching, this is a great way to still participate in the sedar without having to dirty up their plate. It was also really easy for the kids to read and learn the plagues along the way!

Alan S.
Excellent Passover Accessories

The 10 plagues wine ‘catchers’ are a great idea.

Keith G.
Passover Plagues

Family enjoyed this