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The Haggadah Collective is a modern, curated and meaningful take on a traditional Haggadah. Your family will experience a traditional Seder, complete with prayers in English, Hebrew (and its transliteration), Passover songs and Passover recipes. As well, there are added spiritual elements rooted in kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity.

Our contemporary perspective honors women, the LGBTQ community, refugees across the globe, victims of terrorism in Israel, and the memory of those lost in the Holocaust. Our aim at The Haggadah Collective is to bring a deeper meaning to Passover and celebrate the diverse group of people who make up our community; to elevate our sameness, not our differences.

The Haggadah Collective can be used as a complete Haggadah for every member at your table or as an additional resource for the Seder leader! Pairs with the Hug-it-Out Kids Haggadah.

47 pages, 9 X 6 X 0 in


More about The Haggadah Collective

Pearl Richman and her daughter Maxie - who are by no means Jewish scholars - are passionate and dedicated students of kindness, love, and inclusivity. With a plethora of mutual interests that include styling, design, writing, and advocacy, Pearl and Maxie set out to modernize the Passover Haggadah you’ve been using for decades by curating The Haggadah Collective. It is infused with a chic, contemporary aesthetic and is grounded in the ever important concepts of diversity, equality, and acceptance. With this inspiration in mind, The Haggadah Collective was curated in order
to reflect old traditions and create new ones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julia H.
Better together!

Great, but even better alongside its accompaniment for younger readers. Our 7-year-old daughter basically ended up leading our Seder! We’ll be back to buy more for kids and grownups for next years’ larger (in-person) Seder.

Edward S.
Modern Tribe Haggadah

We have collected Haggadahs for over 30 years and this modern version fits well into our collection. Also, we think our grandsons will enjoy reading it.

Melinda M.
Best Seder Ever

This is the best Haggadah I have ever had and I have many different versions. My guests were blown away by it and are still talking about it days after the Seder. My husband never wanted to do Seders because he hated the previous Haggadah, but he loves this one! It is inclusive and modern!

Jelcy R.
I saw it, I read it. I laughed

What more can I say? It’s a delight

Linda R.
The Haggadah Collective

The Haggadah was wonderful .It allowed alot of conversation and created a new look at the story of passover.