Top 10 Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Okay, we prefer to call them festive, as there isn't an ugly one in the bunch! But next holiday party, if you want to dress to impress, here are 10 of our favorite ugly Hanukkah sweaters. (Disclaimer: none are actually sweaters.)

Why have a Meowy Christmas when you can have a Happy Hanukcat?? We think this shirt is just purrrrfect. 
No, I love YOU a latke! This hoodie is super comfy, and even has sequins!
I Love You a Latke
Okay, this is technically a hat, not a sweater, but what could be more festive??
This one LOOKS like a sweater, but it's a thin t-shirt just dressed up to look like one! Sneaky and stylish.
Ugly Hanukkah Shirt
Okay, this one is a dress, not a sweater, but it's REVERSIBLE and too cool for shul!
Rock Star of David Dress
More cats?? You betcha. This pun is just too good to pass up!
Cats and the Dreidel Shirt
We love this punny sweatshirt because you can also wear it for Rosh Hashanah or Shabbat or it can even be your Purim costume!
Happy Challah Days
If you know, you know.
Light it, Pass it
LOL the puns just don't stop!
Happy Llamakah
DIY Hanukkah sweater with these cute pins!
Instant Hanukkah Sweater
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Love these tips – throwing my first party for the group home this year p


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