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    As green living gets more popular so does the celebration of the Jewish New Year of Trees which takes place on Tu B'Shevat (the 15th of the month of Shevet).Many Jews celebrate Tu B'shevat by honoring and educating about conservation. Celebrations often include a seder (which means order) with ritual and prayers involving the "seven species", fruits of the earth mentioned in the bible and native to the land of Israel: pomegranates, dates, barley, wheat, figs, olives, and grapes.The Mystical Origins of Tu B'ShevatThe original Tu B'Shevat seder was a...

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    To quote the cover of Jewish Living Magazine this month: Tu B'shwhat?Tu B'shevat literally means the "15th of Shevat" the Hebrew month which falls in the common calendar's January to early February. But Tu B'shevat is considered the Jewish New Year of Trees. Trees are extremely important in Judaism: trees are used metaphorically to consider G-d and life in Judaism and the planting of trees is holy. Combine that with the very modern importance of reclaiming the baron desert of Israel through planting trees, and it's easy to see why...

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    Hanukkah was an incredible whirl-wind for us at Thank you to all our customers, non-profit affiliates, artists, designers, and suppliers for a wonderful first Hanukkah.There is so much to look forward to for 2008.New StuffWe have new stainless steel and gold anodized jewelry coming from Polli Designs including the gorgeous Leaf Pendant Necklace for Tu B'shvat, the Jewish harvest celebration. Tu B'shvat is the Jewish New Year for Trees and has become for many an ecological celebration centered around preservation of trees and the Earth. Look for more tree-themed...