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    How to Plan the Best Hanukkah Party

     How to plan the best Hanukkah party

    The countdown is ON until the Festival of Lights, which means there will be parties galore, complete with stuffing our faces with latkes, and lots of menorah lighting. Obviously you want to look stylish for the party in your best Hanukkah apparel, but how else can you throw the party of the year?

    Here are our tips on how to plan the best Hanukkah party ever. 



    You want to wow your guests when they walk in! We suggest picking a color theme like blue and silver and then going to town. A chic Hanukkah Table Runner topped with a Dreidel Vase sets the stage perfectly. And serve your guests on cool Dreidel Plates. These Marzipan Pops from Marzipops double as decor and food and are perfect on any table.

    Marzipan Dreidels


    And speaking of food, like every Jewish holiday, a big part of Hanukkah the FOOD! Fried foods reign when it comes to Hanukkah recipes, like latkes and sufganiyot. But get creative with other fried treats like Deep Fried Matzo Balls. If you don't feel like making your own latkes (make them ahead of time, freeze, and and reheat in the oven right from the freezer) you can always get latkes delivered. And don't forget the gelt!

    Games + Presents

    How about an ugly Hanukkah sweater contest? Ugliest one wins? It's a classic! Maybe the winner can get something to add to their ensemble like these Menorah Sunglasses or everyone's favorite Nice Jewish Guy Calendar.

    And don't forget a rousing game of dreidel. Winner takes all the marbles! We love these Lego Dreidels because they can double as the prizes.

    Or how about Secret Hanukkah Harry- encourage your guests to bring a fun gift under $25. These Matzo Ballin' Socks will have everyone jealous.

    Menorah Time

    If your party is during the 8 days of Hanukkah, don't forget to light the menorah! We love mixing one classic one like this Building Bridges Menorah with one fun one like our Dinosaur Menorah.

    Don't forget the kiddos!

    If you're having kids are your party, make sure to have some Kids Hanukkah activities like this Dreidel Book, a Hanukkah version of Karaoke, a station to Make Your Own Hanukkah Candles or Dreidel Silly Putty to keep them occupied. All of these are pretty fun for adults too, come to think of it.

    Most of all, have fun! Your excitement and joy is contagious.


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    How to Celebrate Chrismukkah


    This time of year, it's nice to throw a party that includes everyone! Whether you're having a party with friends, or just celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, here's how to do Chrismukkah right. 

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    Cool Decor
    Decorate your house for a party! Try our Jewdolph Ornament, Chrismukkah Dreidel Mistletoe, or Jewish Christmas Candle (smells just like Chinese food!)

    Wearable Flair
    Look the part! The Yamaclaus and Ugly Chrismukkah Sweater are great places to start!

    Chrismukkah Food

    Make some combo recipes like Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Latkes or Gingerbread Eggnog Sufganiyot! Or make this fun Gingerbread Menorah.


    Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry Gifts
    Jewdolph Koozie
    Besides some fun dreidel games at your party, it's fun to have everyone bring a small Secret Santa/ Hanukkah Harry gift! Kris Kringlestein or Jewdolph Koozie.

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