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    Hanukkah Giveaway with ModernTribe + Manischewitz

    Hanukkah Giveaway with ModernTribe + Manischewitz

    Giveaway is over! Terri G is the winner!

    Giveaway time! ModernTribe and Manischewitz have joined forces to bring you this fun giveaway just in time for Hanukkah! One winner will receive all of this:

    Oh boy! To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below with your email, and follow Manischewitz and ModernTribe on Facebook and Instagram for more chances to win. Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    No purchase necessary to win. Giveaway open to US and Canada residents only. 

    When are the Jewish Holidays in 5778?

    When are the Jewish Holidays in 5778?

    When are the Jewish holidays in 2108?Jewish Holidays 5778
    It's a little tricky to remember when the Jewish holidays are since the Hebrew calendar does not line up with the secular calendar we use. So here is a handy chart you can reference to remember the major holidays. Each holiday starts and ends at sundown.

    Rosh Hashanah: 9/20/17- 9/22/17
    The Jewish New Year

    Yom Kippur: 9/29/17- 9/30/17
    Day of Atonement

    Sukkot: 10/4/17- 10/11/17
    Feast of the Tabernacles

    Simchat Torah: 10/11/17- 10/13/17
    A new cycle of Torah readings begins

    Hanukkah: 12/12/17- 12/20/17
    The Festival of Lights

    Tu B'shvat: 1/30/18- 1/31/18
    The Festival of Trees

    Purim: 2/28/18-3/1/18
    A Super Fun Holiday!

    Passover: 3/30/18- 4/7/18
    The Exodus from Israel

    Yom Ha'atzmaut: 4/18/18- 4/19/18
    Israel Independence Day

    Shavuot: 5/19/18- 5/21/18
    The giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai

    Tisha B'av: 7/21/18- 7/22/18
    Commemorates the Destruction of the Temples
    Tu B'Av: 7/26/18- 7/27/18
    Jewish Valentine's Day