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    10 Signs You Went Jewish Summer Camp

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    10 Ways You Know You Went to Jewish Summer Camp

    1. You built up an impressive collection of stationary to write to friends and family. (And Jewish stationary!)
    2. You were both excited and scared when you heard the words "COLOR WAR".
    3. You pretended to enjoy sports but really wanted more arts and crafts (This pencil case would have been way cooler).
    4. You had to iron your name into all your clothes- even socks! (Like these Nice Jewish Boy Socks).
    5. You know every Debbie Friedman song by heart.
    6. You had a HUGE crush on an Israeli counselor. (Check out our Israeli-made items).
    7. You hear "Hatikvah" and it brings back chilly mornings lined up around the flag pole.
    8. You brought out your finest Abercrombie and spent hours planning your outfit for social with the boys camp.
    9. You asked your parents to sneakily mail you Airheads in magazines.
    10. Your camp friends are still the BEST friends!


    What's on your list?? Comment below!

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