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    More about Drawn Goods

    Drawn Goods is an illustration studio based in Chicago, Illinois run by artist Becca Gore. Each work is first drawn or painted by Becca in her studio before finding its final home as a greeting card, print, magnet, or mug. Most often inspired by adventures in carbo-loading, our work features many a donut, croissant, and of course the bagel! But whatever the subject matter Drawn Goods is really just all about sharing joy through playful imagery.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Autumn D.
    Wears off in the wash

    Love this shirt, the only piece of feedback I have is that the graphic flakes off slowly in the wash. I would recommend this shirt maybe be made sublimated in the future, and for those newly buying it to maybe try not putting it in the dryer to try and prolong the life of the graphic. I have had this shirt for about six months and always wash on cold water and delicate cycle.

    John M.

    Fan-freakin-tastic... fits like a dream... pisses off the rednecks... raised eyebrows at the grocery store... hi fives from non racists... I lovely addition to my wardrobe of troll Ts

    Q H.
    Amazing shirt; amazing message

    Fit perfectly. Soft. Fantastic message and meaning.

    Britton E.
    Love this shirt

    I love Modern Tribe for standing up during important moments and standing with other marginalized communities. Shirt quality is amazing as always. Shipping speed is great. The shirt, of course, has a touch of that vinegar smell but I think it helps the shirt in some way because it makes my other shirts look like garbage. My Modern Tribe shirts are softer, never scratchy, the design or graphic never peels or fades, and that smell is totally gone after one wash. I also appreciate that their shirts never shrink so I don't have to take that into account. Thank you for this important cause and very impressive looking shirt!

    Roberta P.
    True spirit of Tikkun Olam

    I love this shirt! The message is the true spirit of Tikkun Olam (as is the donation to Black Visions Collective), and anyone who’s offended by it I don’t want to be friends with anyway. So far it’s holding up well with washings, although I wash it tied in a pillowcase on the delicate cycle with cold water, and hang (rather than tumble) it dry because of the review I read about the lettering coming off (Thanks for the heads up, Autumn)…Mine still looks brand new after multiple washings.