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    Shopping Online Can Be A Greener Way To Shop

    Besides the fact that your shopkeeper's commute is carbon-footprint free (I work from home), there are many ways in which shopping at ModernTribe.com (or any online shop) could be more environmentally conserving than shopping at a "brick & mortar" store.

    1. Transport is pooled, saving on gas and emissions. Unless you walk to shop, one person driving to a store -- or multiple stores, perhaps -- is less efficient than using what Planet Green calls, "a well-organized carpool for your goods." Chances are the mail person, as well as Fed Ex and UPS are driving past your house everyday anyway.
    2. Less "security" plastic is needed. Besides being aggravating as all get out, the hard plastic security/display packaging you see on many goods is not necessary for us. Sometimes we can't get an item packaged differently, but other times we are able to buy items not packaged for "display" and therefore, better for the earth & your sanity.
    3. We have a warehouse instead of a store. Brick & mortar stores need to be lighted and air-conditioned with a low occupancy rate per square foot (lots of room, few things and people). Warehouses maximize storage and are bare-bones spaces... and in our case, is my basement -- which would be there, warehouse or not.

    Furthermore, we make other choices in how we run our business that are more environmentally friendly:

    • We pack our shipments in recyclable packaging and re-use packaging when we can. We pack mostly with corn-starch peanuts and paper in recyclable cardboard boxes. The packaging we can't reuse, we recycle including boxes and ink cartridges.
    • We strive for a paper-free office, conducting almost all of our business online -- banking, buying, bill paying (but this is mostly because no one here is willing to file).
    • Our gift boxes and wrap are made from partially recycled content and can be recycled after use too!

    We care about conservation like we know you do. Shalom, love, and happy Earth Day!