Where Do I Hang a Mezuzah?

 Can you name off the top of your head all the doors in your home that would require Mezuzah cases? Sorry for the pop quiz. The answer is: it's complicated. We'll try to give you a hand, if you're confused, interested, or both.

A general rule to remember is that every room except the bathroom needs a Mezuzah. As always, there are exceptions. The doors of dressing rooms can also do without one. Any completely open room without a door doesn't need one either. And if the room is smaller than 36 square feet, don't bother.
Some unlikely doors qualify for a Mezuzah. Garage doors, sliding glass doors, and french doors are all fair game. Like we said, it's complicated.
Not everybody gets around to hanging Mezuzot -- did you know that the plural of Mezuzah is Mezuzot? -- in their home, but it's a fun tradition, one that blesses the home and teaches kids something about their heritage. If you decide to add Mezuzot to your home, remember that we've got a great selection of Mezuzah cases in our Mezuzah shop. We also sell the Kosher scrolls that go inside. 
Our cases have designs that range in style from classic to modern to fun: we even have a Hello Kitty Mezuzah case. Can't decide on whether you want a traditional or eclectic design for your room? In the end, compromise isn't a bad idea: the slanted position of mezuzot on a door frame is the result of rabbis compromising on whether mezuzot should be aligned vertically or horizontally. If compromise was good enough for them, it should be good enough for us, right?
As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, gripes, or good wishes.
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