5 Ways to Celebrate Sukkot

What is Sukkot?

During the week long festival of Sukkot, Jews live and eat in huts called Sukkahs. These huts mimic what farmers slept in during ancient harvests and are a way to honor the 40 years they lived in the desert. What are some ways you can celebrate?

  1. Make a sukkah: The traditional hut is sturdy enough to last all week, has a thatched roof made of leaves and sticks so you can see the stars.
  2. And decorate it! Our Honeycomb Napkin Rings or matching Honeycomb pattern napkins are both a great choice!
  3. Eat and sleep in the sukkah! Traditionally, you can eat every meal and sleep in the sukkah too. (Weather permitting.)honeycomb tray
  4. Don't Forget the Lulov and Etrog! Shake with style in your Sukkah with a traditional set of the arba minim (four species) grown with care at special citron orchards in central Israel. We have a Standard and Premium Set to choose from!

5. Eat stuffed foods! Stuffed foods like Farro Stuffed Eggplants and Stuffed Cabbage are symbols of a bountiful harvest, Serve your food with a Pomegranate Trivet or Appetizer Tray!


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