Set of Two Menorah Drip Trays by Barbara Shaw

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A beautifully designed set of two menorah laminated drip mat with ancient Damascus designs on margins. The purple mat reads the Blessing for lighting the Hanukkah candles (הנרות הלללו אנו מדליקין) and the blue wishes you and your family a Happy Hanukka. Keep your window sill safe with these beauties created with love In Jerusalem.

Place the Menorah on this useful drip mat as part of the holiday décor, instead of the unsightly aluminum foil. Size 12.5 X 9.5 inches. Great way to protect your window sill or Hanukkah table. Laminated small placemat, easy clean

  • HANDMADE laminated Hanukka Menorah plastic drip mat printed in Jerusalem in our own ethical all-woman workshop. Made with love and care. Perfectly sized for average-sized menorahs.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended.

More about Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw's passion is to artistically present Israel and her Jewish roots in a fresh, creative, and fun way. She loves fusing the ancient with the contemporary. She likes her ranges to have an international feel, yet with a look that says it could only have been produced in Israel.

Barbara grew up in Sydney, Australia and came to Israel in 1986. After searching for gifts and not finding what she wanted, she decided to produce her own. She saw a gap in the market for bold, well designed and packaged gifts; items that are practical and beautiful.

All products are made ethically in her workshop in Jerusalem. Her aim is to touch people's hearts and strike a chord with their heritage and family background.

Customer Reviews

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Not fancy, but functional

These aren’t the most ornate drip trays, but they don’t need to be. They were exactly what I was after for my wife and daughter, and made great first night gifts during Hanukkah.

Laura T.
Two Menorah Drip Tray review

I'm looking forward to using this item on Chanukah. I bought one for my son and his family, too. They are attractive and will serve its purpose well. Unusual item to find.

Martha L.
Barbara Shaw drip mats

Lovely graphics should be wider and longer for wider menorahs