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    More about Emily Rosenfeld

    Emily started making her own jewelry in 1991 in Oakland, CA, running her business out of a Murphy bed closet. Now settled in Western Massachusetts, with a view of birch trees and a river she swims in during the summer, her studio is in a converted factory building filled with other artists. She feels continually inspired to develop new designs and play with new materials and techniques. 

    She is privileged and thankful to be part of the immensely supportive and loving community of craftspeople and crafts buyers. Making her work makes her very happy and she hopes owning it brings a measure of joy as well.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Lisa V.
    Beautiful gift item

    Since I am a Physician and now a Rabbi also, I needed a thoughtful gift item for a friend. I wrote in the note, “ just what the Doctor ordered!” The rings spin around with ease and it is a tactile way to pray with that certain Kavanah ( intention). Sure to please young and old.

    Roberta K.
    Prayer wheel

    A gentle reminder to express hope and gratitude during the day. Product is sturdy, and appears as described in the catalog.

    Philip B.
    A Special Gift for a Loved One in the Hospital

    The recipient appreciated the gift and the very special healing wishes which accompanied it. It was a unique way to let the recipient know how much we cared.

    Way c.M.
    I can use the prayer

    It was worth waiting for. It gives me comfort to know that I have the prayer with me.

    Wonderful charm

    I am a BMT social worker and I love spinning the prayer wheel and praying for patients