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A chic acrylic oil menorah that brings joy throughout the year? Yes! Once Chanukkah is over, your Apeloig Collection menorah transforms into a stylish flower vase to be enjoyed year-round. A true statement piece, Apeloig Collection's latest creation showcases our love of contemporary design and our mission to honor Jewish heritage.

Available in five translucent shades: blue, white, smoke, burgundy and multicolor. 

Customize the placement of the shamash! The menorah's shamash is a removable acrylic piece that can be placed in the center, on the left holder, or left off entirely. When ready for use as a flower vase, simply remove the metal cups and store them in the beautiful storage box. Fill each hole ¾ full of water and arrange with flowers of your choice. We love using it as a centerpiece for Shabbat dinner.

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  • Material: Acrylic
  • Available in 5 colors 
  • Dimensions: W 13.5'' x H 4'' x D 1.5''
  • Designed for use with oil cups – not wax – candles. Use with oil cups only. Do not use with wax candles.
  • Never leave any lit menorah unattende
  • Glass oil cup candles sold separately. Do not put oil directly in the menorah.
  • Please note: gift wrap is not available on this product.

More about Apeloig Collection

Sisters Daniela and Gabriella Apeloig are the founders of Apeloig Collection. After leaving their native Venezuela, they got married and moved to sunny Miami, FL to begin the process of building a modern Jewish home. Driven by the design to find Judaica products that worked in harmony with the elegant, minimalistic design they love, they created Apeloig Collection in 2014. The two sisters are in constant search for new materials and trends to develop products that will hopefully encourage people to keep Jewish traditions in a stylish and creative way.

Like the rituals, their Judaica products are created to honor the family last name "Apeloig" which has been passed down from generation to generation. Daniela and Gabriela's grandfather, the only member of their family to survive the Holocaust, passed the name down to his daughter and his son, who later became the proud father of three daughters but no sons who would pass on the family name. As they had found creative new ways to honor their Jewish traditions, they found a creative way to pass on their heritage through the family name. And that’s how “Apeloig” Collection was born.

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline R.
Beautiful and I love it!

Design is unique and so beautiful. It brings even more light to Chanukah!

Gabriella S.

So stunning!!!!