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    Artist Spotlight: Emily Rosenfeld

    Today we are highlighting one of our favorite jewelry and Judaica designers- Emily Rosenfeld! Her designs are simple, timeless and yet whimsical. She is also the sweetest and we love working with her, so we wanted to know more, and share a little more about Emily with you.

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    Have you always been an artist? How did you get started?

    I have made jewelry for my whole adult life.  I started during a gap year in college and continued after I graduated as an English major.  Working for other designers not only taught me skills, but it showed me what a creative life looked like.  I wanted to live with that kind of freedom to be myself, create a community and working life all at once.  Three years after graduating, I started my own business, in a murphy bed closet in our tiny, perfect Oakland apartment.

    There are a lot of nature elements in your pieces. What inspires your designs?

    I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, from plants especially; my garden is another very real creative adventure.  But I also draw from textiles, both prints and embroidered designs, patterns I loved since I was young.  Because I studied literature and writing, I am also inspired by the desire to communicate, clearly.  Using words in my work has been very important.  My goal is to make meaningful pieces, whether it is through symbols or language, I want it to resonate.

    How did you get into Judaica?

    My second year in business, I started getting requests from my stores for Judaic jewelry pieces.  My line has always been very graphic, using representational, rather than abstract shapes.  My buyers saw that would lend itself easily to adding Jewish Stars and Chai's which is what I started with.  Being Jewish, they felt comfortable asking.  Those pieces sold well immediately.  Wanting to build on that success and also feeling like I had stumbled into supremely comfortable and welcoming territory, I started to explore possibilities beyond jewelry.  Mezuzot were the first Judaic pieces I designed.  I loved working in a new way, carving wax, rather than only sawing metal.  I loved the meaning and the possibilities.  The response to that first group of three Mezuzot was so strong, it inspired me to keep exploring.  Growing up culturally Jewish, but not practicing, making Judaic art has been a way to learn and explore my faith.

    Any future designs you can share with us?

    That is a tough one.  I usually sit down with my notebook, a pencil and a big eraser with little sense of what is going to happen until something takes shape, usually after a lot of erasing. I will say that I am excited about my new Line Drawn Mezuzot series, and will definitely be adding to that group, as well as to the sculptural ones.  Tzedakah feels so important, especially now, there will be new box designs soon as well. 

    Anything else you'd like to add!

    I feel so lucky to get to do this work.  To be part of people's traditions, to find a place in their homes or as part of what they wear is an honor and something for which I will always feel grateful.


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    10 Ways You Know You Went Jewish Summer Camp

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    10 Ways You Know You Went to Jewish Summer Camp

    1. You built up an impressive collection of stationary to write to friends and family. (And Jewish stationary!)
    2. You were both excited and scared when you heard the words "COLOR WAR".
    3. You pretended to enjoy sports but really wanted more arts and crafts (This pencil case would have been way cooler).
    4. You had to iron your name into all your clothes- even socks! (Like these Jew Jitsu Socks).
    5. You know every Debbie Friedman song by heart.
    6. You had a HUGE crush on an Israeli counselor. (Check out our Israeli-made items).
    7. You hear "Hatikvah" and it brings back chilly mornings lined up around the flag pole.
    8. You brought out your finest Abercrombie and spent hours planning your outfit for social with the boys camp.
    9. You asked your parents to sneakily mail you Airheads in magazines.
    10. Your camp friends are still the BEST friends!


    What's on your list?? Comment below!

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    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Gay Pride + Jewish Pride

    Jewish Gay Pride

    Happy Pride Month! So you want to honor Pride + Jewish Pride all in one. But how? Here are our Top 5 Ways to Celebrate!

    1. Make a Rainbow Challah

    Rainbow Challah

    Challah for equality! No need to wait until Shabbat to make a Rainbow Challah. And isn't this the perfect Challah Tray for your Rainbow Challah?

    2. Wear a Rainbow Tallis

    Rainbow Tallis

    Could this Rainbow Tallis be any more amazing??

    3. Donate to a Jewish LGBTQ Non-Profit

    Donate to a LGBTQ non profit like Keshet that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish Life. 

    4. Hang a Rainbow Mezuzah

    Protect your home with an Israeli-made Rainbow Mezuzah!

    5. Tell Time with a Hebrew Rainbow Clock

    What time is it? Time for equality!


    Top 10 Cool Jewish Wedding Gifts

    Jewish Wedding Gifts

    Wedding season is in full effect! We love love here at ModernTribe and for any couple beginning a new Jewish life together, there are certainly essential items that make perfect Jewish wedding gifts. We've rounded up our Top 10 Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas - both the useful and the fun!

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    A gift card to ModernTribe in a lucky increment of 18 also makes a great gift! 18 is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word "chai" meaning "life"!

    A beautiful, personalized Jewish wedding gift. The text reads: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." They will cherish this forever!

    Gifts for Shabbat are the perfect traditional wedding present, and thisJubilant Challah Board by Melanie Dankowicz in stainless steel, and maple wood, brings a whimsical joyousness to your Shabbat table!

    Marriage is all about compromise, but sometimes you want to throw your hands in the air and say Oy Vey! This pillow is perfect for the couple with a sense of humor.

    For the couple that loves to host!  The pomegranate-shaped trivet is filled with blooming wildflowers of Israel. Pretty enough to keep on a table all year!

    In silver or black, starting at $78. Shop the  Blooming Pomegranate Trivet by Melanie Dankowicz here!

    How stunning is this kiddish cup by Michael Aram? A classic gift with a modern design win stainless steel and goldtone edginess.

    Smashing the glass is a traditional part of a Jewish wedding ceremony, and we have lots of gift options for couples wanting to preserve the shards. But these handmade Joy Stember Shabbat candlesticks are one of our favorites, and an opportunity to create a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.

    Bless the couple with joy and happiness, love and friendship. Inscribed on this mezuzah is text from the Sheva Brachot, the seven wedding blessings. Stainless steel is laser cut and then brushed to a shiny finish.

    For the minimalist couple! This Shalom panel wishes them a lifetime of peace. 

    For the fun couple who is all about a good time! (Get it?) A bagel clock really makes a house a home, right?

    1. Moon Path Shabbat Candlesticks
    And the number one cool Jewish gift is...Moon Path Shabbat Candlesticks by Israeli designer Laura Cowan! We love how these candlesticks can also be used as candy or nut dishes and are based on the movement of the moon. Kind of romantic, right?

    The Best Jewish Mother's Day Gifts

    Jewish Mother's Day Gifts
    We are big into family at ModernTribe. Not only are we a brother and sister team, but we are always getting advice (both solicited and not) from our Mom and Bubbe. So when Mother's Day comes around, we can't wait to spoil them both! Here are a few of our favorite Jewish Mother's Day Gifts for Mamalah, Grandma, Bubbe or Savta!
    This cashmere Hamsa Scarf is elegant, soft and classic. Just like Mom!
    Got JewFro? Help Mom tame her hair with the Kosher Kurls/Straight Schtick Trifecta!
    Challah!!! If your Mom is a Balaboosta, this Challah Back apron is perfect to wear while baking up rugelach or babka!
    No caption needed for this amazing Don't Tell Me to Keep Calm, I am a Jewish Mother Mug!
    A Hamsa Opal Necklace is so cute for everyday! And a great price-point to get one for mom, bubbe, aunts and sisters too!
    Twinsies! A special gift for mother and daughter with this matching  Mother & Daughter Star of David Necklaces Set by Emily Rosenfeld. 
    For the mom that has everything, don't kvetch if you don't have the perfect clutch, because now you do with this Kvetch Clutch!