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    Customer Reviews

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    Etta F.
    the chosen one game

    No review yet, bought it for a Hanukkah gift for one of my (adult) children.
    Won't know before Hanukkah is over

    Inappropriate for families

    I figured this game would be funny and possibly boarder line appropriate to play with teenagers but I didn’t realize how inappropriate it would be to even play with older family members. I had to separate out the extremely suggestive and flat out vulgar cards from the other ones and I was left with just under half of the deck available to use once removing the cards. Some were so vulgar that I didn’t even feel comfortable reading them to my parents and I’m in my 40’s. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who will be playing it with family of any age.

    Great Shabbat game

    Bought this game to play with friends after Shabbat dinner. We played for about 45 minutes. The quality of the game was really good, and the cards were actually funny! A good mix of jokes. I had to look some up since I didn’t grow up very Jewish but that was pretty interesting. Will play again.