Tchotchkes Beaded Dreidel Ornament by Chai Modern

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The handmade Tchotchkes Beaded Dreidel makes the perfect Chrismukkah ornament, or use as a wall or window hanging or car ornament! 

Chai Modern has always worked with South African Jewish artists and is dedicated to reviving the tradition of African Beadwork by taking the love and knowledge that is passed down from mother to child and becoming the bridge between traditional beadwork and contemporary artwork.

Monkey Biz is an economic upliftment program focused on impoverished areas in South Africa, aimed specifically at women's empowerment. Through Monkey Biz, we are fortunate enough to have access to the work of over 200 talented bead artists. Not only are these women able to express themselves artistically, but they are able to support themselves and their families through this work. 

Each piece represents community, social upliftment & women’s empowerment.

Every artwork is tagged with the artist's name.

Each creation is a one-off that is impossible for the bead artist to recreate, however, we endeavor to make each piece of the range as similar and representative of their image as possible.

As these items are hand beaded, no two pieces will be exactly the same, and additional lead time for production is required.

Hanging Tchotchkes Beaded Dreidel:

  • 8cm Diameter (3.15" Diameter)
  • Handmade beadwork

More about Chai Modern

Chai Modern is a Cape Town based design studio offering traditional Judaica in a simple, fresh and modern way. At the heart of every Jewish family is 'tradition'. Chai Modern celebrates this tradition by bringing 'life' or 'chai' to your rituals. Proudly made in South Africa.

Customer Reviews

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Randi G.
A Lovely Addition To My Collection

I collect all things “dreidel,” and this was a lovely piece to add to the grouping. I will likely hang it from the underside of a shelf in the cabinet where they all live, but I haven’t done that, yet, so that’s why there is no photo attached.