Star of David Acrylic Menorah Kit

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This menorah is designed so that you can put it together yourself. It is shaped like the Star of David, has a clean, colorful design and is made out of quality imported materials and manufactured in sunny California. It will become part of your family collection. 

Includes: Canvas bag, stainless steel hardware, imported acrylic parts. 
Assembly: Takes about 5-10 minutes to put together. No tools necessary. Do not leave any lit menorahs unattended. 

    More about Days United

    Days United's mission is to help families celebrate traditions and share the richness of our cultures with our communities. They work hard to translate rituals and blessings, search out tasty recipes and cool designs, and develop original craft projects. They provide all the ingredients to help you reconnect with childhood memories, find new meanings in old traditions, and share the experiences with family, friends, and neighbors. So whether you’re celebrating the holiday for the first or the fifty-first time, they want to help you do it your way.