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    More about Seed + Mill

    Seed + Mill is a women-owned business - the product of three friends united by a shared passion for food, cooking and high quality, healthy ingredients.

    Inspired to create something unique, they experimented in their kitchens with version after version of halva and tahini recipes, dreaming up surprising combinations of these traditional foods.

    They were excited to see how versatile and healthy tahini was and were determined to see it take its rightful place in kitchens all over the USA and around the world.

    The trio takes pride in grinding fresh tahini on site at their store in Chelsea Market, the only store in the USA solely dedicated to sesame seed products!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Angel M.
    A gigantic hit of a gift, and tasty, too!

    A gift for a friend who not only keeps Kosher, she is Vegan as well. VERY difficult to shop for sometimes! She was so excited to get these she opened and tasted them right away. She says they are delicious and that she will try some of the recipes as well.
    The box made a lovely presentation, and I am sure she will be buying for herself again!