Passover Can of Plagues

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Got plagues? You sure do now! The classic 10 plague collection consists of play items representing each plague for Seder and Passover play. Featured in a reusable tin container to keep your plagues ready for play, all Passover long!

One toy for every plague:

  • 1 red cup for BLOOD
  • 1 frog for FROGS
  • 1 small black bug for LICE
  • 1 lion finger puppet for WILD ANIMALS
  • 1 cow puzzle for CATTLE PLAGUE
  • 1 sticky hand with white dots for BOILS
  • 1 red and white bouncing ball for HAIL
  • 1 large green locust for LOCUSTS
  • 1 pair of sunglasses for DARKNESS
  • 1 - 12 pc. puzzle for DEATH OF FIRSTBORN

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    Rite Lite Ltd. was founded by Holocaust survivor Jacob Rosenthal in 1949 and they have been a leading manufacturer of Jewish ceremonial items, gifts, decorations, educational toys and crafts, books and more ever since. The legacy of his creative flair and unfailing commitment to value are hallmarks of every Rite Lite product.