Hanukkah Starts December 18th!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Mark A.
    Too much fun

    I have had a ball learning this game. I am fixing to host this game at a Christmas Eve/Hanukkah dinner. I have replaced the traditional gelt with peanut M&Ms where each player will get to choose the color they want to play with. I have wanted this game ever since your folks there put it on the market. Thank you so much for affording so much fun.

    Danna K.
    Not as fun as it looks

    Hard to understand instructions, we ended up not playing the game. If you're not familiar with how to play poker this game is hard to figure out.

    Debra M.
    Fun Times

    We order two games to play at our Hanukkah party and it was a success! Everybody enjoyed playing all evening.

    Love it! Thank you for letting us know! -- Jennie

    Tobi T.
    Fantastic selection!

    Modern Tribe has a fantastic & quite extensive inventory of contemporary Judiaca!

    Thank you, Tobi! - Jennie