Midrash Manicures Hanukkah Nail Decals

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Hanukkah's Hottest Gift for girls! Nail decals are a sweeping trend. New Yorker Yael Buechler created Midrash Manicures as a fun way to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Jewish women and girls swoon over these!

More about Midrash Manicures

Midrash Manicures combines Jewish education and creative products to make Torah more meaningful to you. Since their launch in 2011, Midrash Manicures has inspired thousands of individuals in their journey toward creative religious expression. Rabbi Yael Buechler, Founder of Midrash Manicures, has been painting Jewish nail art on biblical and holiday themes for the past twenty years. Her manicures have been discussed by celebrities including Jon Stewart and Barry Manilow and have been featured by The New York Times. She has expanded her nail decal line to include clothing, phone stands, hair accessories and more.