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This is a special bracelet. It came to be when a ModernTribe customer wanted the saying, "This Too Shall Pass," (Gam Zeh Ya'avor in Hebrew) on a custom-made pendant. Our customer was inspired by a Rosh Hashanah sermon by Rabbi Peter Berg of Atlanta's The Temple who spoke about King Solomon and Abraham Lincoln's experience with "This Too Shall Pass," a most humbling or hopeful idea, depending on ones circumstances. (Take a minute to think about it.)

I went to the artist, Marla, and told her about the request. She created a stunning piece which is one-of-a-kind (see "views" for the piece) and all of us became smitten with the wonderfully grounding idea of "This Too Shall Pass." Marla has created a bracelet with the saying, suitable for a man or a woman. The bracelet is sterling silver and has the Hebrew on the outside and English on the inside. See "views."

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