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    More about Ner Mitzvah

    It began just after World War II with a small card and havdalah candle delivered to families in the old Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.  A small handful of customers has grown since into one of the the most well known and respected supplier of candles, oil lamps, chanukiahs, and related Judaica in the world. Ner Mitzvah is still family owned to this day and still brings joy and warmth to the Jewish homes around the globe.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Barbara M.
    Perfect for college

    I loved this menorah and so did my college freshman grandson and all his friends. It was the perfect size and the menorah magnetically fit inside the metal box lid. No need for aluminum foil underneath. The metal box made it easy to store for sophomore year.

    linda c.

    Cute and convenient and wonderful

    Ricki C.
    Love This

    This cute menorah is perfect for traveling. Its lightweight, and the candles and matches also fit in the box. Since it’s magnetic you don’t have to worry about the candleholders tipping over and the lid acts to prevent wax from dripping on anything else.

    Ella N.
    My Traveling Menorah

    The sweetest little menorah to travel with, never felt like a wandering Jew... had a full size yet compact menorah with me regardless of where I ended up! Made me proud.

    Michele B.
    Cute menorah

    Cute and compact. Love it.