Maccabee on the Mantel Hanukkah Gift Set (Elf on the Shelf for Hanukkah)

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Maccabee’s Hanukkah in a box contains everything you need to celebrate the Festival of Lights (except for the Menorah).

Included in this box set is …

  • 9 inch Maccabee plush warrior toy. Our Maccabee plush toy will become your child’s new best friend.  He stands for determination, bravery and honesty.  Children of all ages love our Maccabee because he has a cute, friendly smile, and he is soft and cuddly.
  • A copy of Maccabee’s Hanukkah Story, which is an easy-to-read detailed storybook that teaches the true story of Judah Maccabee who rallied his family and friends and miraculously defeated the Syrians and regained their destroyed Temple in ancient Jerusalem.
  • An easy to spin gold embossed 3 inch plastic, refillable dreidel (which you can fill with your own special goodies),  enjoy spinning the dreidel and playing the dreidel game while and singing the traditional dreidel song with your musical Maccabee warrior plush toy.
  • The story and the Maccabee plush toy are KID TESTED / RABBI APPROVED