L'Shanah Tovah Cookie Gift Set

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Celebrate the sweet new year with apples, honey, and cookies!

Eleni's New York, custom L'Shanah Tovah Sugar Cookies are delicious, adorable, Nut Free and Kosher ((U) dairy)! These decorative hand-iced cookies are gift packaged in a signature brown and pink Eleni's gift box, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

- 1 L’Shanah Tovah (2x2”)
- 1 apple (2x2”)
- 1 honey (1.5x2”)
- 2 wine glasses (1x1.25")
- 2 apple slices (1.5x.75”)
- 2 candles (1x3”)
- 1 large Star of David (3x3”)
- 2 small Stars of David (1.75x1.75”)

Hand Iced Sugar Cookies Ingredients:
Unbleached unbromated enriched wheat flour, butter [cream, natural flavoring], confectioner’s sugar [sugar, cornstarch], whole eggs, pure and artificial vanilla extract [water, propylene glycol, vanillin, sugar, caramel color.], baking soda [sodium bicarbonate], salt. Icing; Confectioner’s sugar [sugar, cornstarch], dried egg whites, water, meringue powder [sugar, dextrose, egg whites, corn starch, agar, cream of tartar, salt, artificial flavor].

This is a seasonal item.