Miracle Edition Prisms Menorah - Ash

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This set of Miracle Edition Prisms Menorah can be arranged in many variations, allowing you to find endless patterns and display your candles in the most unique ways every night.  Create your own menorah by placing each prism next to each other to form a continuous surface. The Logifaces' Miracle Edition offers endless different and playful arrangements for the eight days holiday. Try to arrange the menorah's candlesticks in new decorative forms every night. The shamash candle to light up all others is the only one with a horizontal surface.

  • 9 blocks based on a combination of 7 different elements
  • Comes in a gift box
  • 16 pieces
  • 106 variations
  • 22 solutions for the triangle
  • English description printed on the box
  • Concrete is a fragile material, handle with care
  • Wipe clean with mild soap and water. Do not submerge in water
  • Made in Hungary
Do not leave any lit menorahs unattended

Customer Reviews

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Adam L.
Beautiful modern design, but some practical issues

I ordered this menorah because I liked the modern aesthetics and the ability to rearrange it in many different shapes. It delivered on those counts, but there were a couple surprises. Upon opening the box I learned that it is meant only for use with white, non-drip candles because ordinary candles could discolor the material it is made from. Okay, I went and found white, non-drip candles in time for Hanukkah. But, it turns out that even non-drip candles drip a little and, worse, it seems that when the candles burn down to a certain point they begin to leave scorch marks that can't be cleaned. So, I'm left with a menorah that doesn't look nearly as sharp as the one I bought after its first use. Perhaps it would make a good ornamental piece rather than a practical one, but it's too late for me.