Happy Hanukkah Window Wall Decal

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Hanukkah inspired window or wall decal adds a festive touch to your home! It comes with all the pieces attached to a backing which you will be able to remove and arrange which ever way you'd like. This Hanukkah set includes a Menorah, Dreidel, a few snowflakes, stars, gift box and a Happy Hanukkah sign.

12" x 12"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martina W.
Just Okay

These were not sealed in any kind of protective wrapper. As a result, some of the window clings were bent or torn.

Angel M.
I should have read the description with more attention

Silly me, I thought this was a whole page decal, like a sign. It is individual items including the letters. It was too intricate for me and I would have spent a lot of time obsessing about placement and alignment. Now that I know, I will assign the task to another person. Still, I liked the effect on the window by the front door, for all to enjoy. Having a way to store them back on their sheet was handy and will keep them together for next year.

Denise W.
Window decals

I love the idea. I just think these are too small to be completely effective. I am also surprised that โ€œHAPPYโ€ is individual letters and not one decal. Will keep my eyes open for next yearโ€™s improvements! ๐Ÿ•Ž.