Happy Hanukkah Menorah Temporary Flash Tattoos

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No party is complete without a little Flash! Celebrate Hanukkah with Happy Hanukkah Menorah party tats, featuring:

  • (1) set of 25 pre-printed metallic gold and silver Happy Hanukkah menorah Flash Tattoos (*Note that the quantity refers to individual sets of 25 when making your selection. Ex: Selecting ‘2’ means you receive 2 sets of 25 tattoos for a total of 50 tattoos) 
  • Party tats are individually printed on a 2” X 2” card
  • Pre-cut for easy use and quick application at events
  • Simple application and removal instructions printed on the back of each tattoo card
  • Premium foil and adhesive lasts 4-6 days (on average) with proper care

Apply them to guests at parties, brighten up invitations or handwritten notes, use them as party favors inside gift bags, stick them onto décor (we especially love Flashing champagne flutes and flower vases)…the possibilities are endless!