Hanukkah in a Box Kit

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Our Hanukkah box offers the essence of Hanukkah with holiday activities for the whole family:

  1. Build and color a designer flat menorah: This year, our artists designed and produced a modern flat menorah. Give it your own unique color, put it together, and use it for years to come.
  2. Make and bake a dreidel out of clay. Yes, it spins! Our original mold makes it so easy to create your own perfect dreidels out of clay. The kit includes everything you need to make, bake, and play with three unique dreidel shapes. 
  3. Decorate Hanukkah jelly doughnuts (sufganiyot) like a pro:  Our original food-safe Jelly Donut Art Stencils add a festive layer of holiday symbols to your fried treats. Use them along with our easy donut recipe or to elevate store-bought donuts.
  4. Count the nights with our special colored candles: We designed and included a very special set of holiday candles in our Hanukkah box. Not only are they modern and festive, but their colors also create an innovative system that reminds you which candles to light on which night.
  5. Give a taste of Hanukkah Our pop-art packages take away the stress of finding gifts this holiday season. Just follow our easy recipe to make jelly donuts (sufganiyot), pack them in these elegant personal boxes, and share the miracle of the holiday with friends, family, and neighbors.
  6. Read the story of Hanukkah: Our original and colorful step-by-step holiday guide will help you celebrate like a pro. Full of useful info for beginners and experts alike, it covers the story of Hanukkah, how to light the menorah, how to play the dreidel game, how to host a Hanukkah get-together with our exclusive recipes, and much more.

We work hard to make it easy so that families can spend time and celebrate together. Makes a thoughtful holiday gift for your family or friends. 


Please note this item cannot be gift wrapped. This item is pre-order: Ships the week of October 26th.

    More about Days United

    Days United's mission is to help families celebrate traditions and share the richness of our cultures with our communities. They work hard to translate rituals and blessings, search out tasty recipes and cool designs, and develop original craft projects. They provide all the ingredients to help you reconnect with childhood memories, find new meanings in old traditions, and share the experiences with family, friends, and neighbors. So whether you’re celebrating the holiday for the first or the fifty-first time, they want to help you do it your way.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Fantastic Hanukkah kit!

    I sent this kit to my sister and her 9 year old son, and they loved it! He was able to do most of it on his own and really enjoyed making the crafts, all of which turned out amazingly well. I heartily recommend this and look forward to getting one for my own family next year!

    Hanukkah for the very young

    What an excellent introduction for our 3 1/2 year old grandson to begin to truly understand the miracle of Hanukkah! He delighted in the crafts and they turned out beautiful and best of all, functional! We facetimed to light his very own menorah and he showed me how he spins his dreidel - He has learned one of the letters - nun and tells his mommy and daddy each time they get it. Thank you for shining a light on our holiday. I know his little sister will enjoy it all next year when big brother teaches her about it.

    janice k.

    i didn’t get the item yet

    Diane B.

    My grandchildren loved it

    Very nice

    Overall Great Chanukah box! The menorah and dreidel were very fun and easy to make. They came out beautifully! We love using them and they made our Chanukah. (The only downside was the stained glass art activity didn't work and had a strong chemical smell.)