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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Talissa C.
    A gift I didn't know I needed to give

    My best friend is Jewish and a HUGE DnD nerd, so this was literally the perfect gift for her. So niche and so wonderful. Plus it came with more than I realized, so they're a great deal as well!

    Marla K.
    Great alternative for young children to play Dreidel.

    Much easier to roll these dice to play than spin. Also would work for arthritic hands.

    Sue W.
    Love these!

    I kept two pairs and mailed one pair to the other Jewish party member of our zoom D&D game. We both love them! She emailed me and said she "nearly fell out of my chair laughing!" We might use them to roll d4, or she was thinking of loaning them to the rogue in the party the next time she goes gambling. Our first game since receiving them is Sunday so we will show them off to the rest of the group. Very fun item, highly recommend!

    Helen G.
    It's a dreidel!

    Great for little ones who aren't able to spin a real dreidel. Also a big hit with gamers.

    Linda L.
    Dreidel 20

    20 sides, this was a gift to my grandkids, who loved them! Lots of Fun!